Erin Koopa
Erin koopa
Current Age 2
Date of Birth December 21, 2012
Gender Female
Aliases / Nicknames Stupid Kid
Species / Type Koopaling
Living Town Dark Land
Class Stupid Class
Main Weapon(s) Lipstick Laser
Main Element(s) Dark
Vulnerable to Everything
First Appearance Abel Koopa RPG
Latest Appearance Abel Koopa RPG
Current Status(es) Deceased
Affiliation(s) Evil
Relative(s) No one

Erin Koopa is the youngest member of the koopalings. She likes lasers, similar to Argon Koopa. She is also the most hated. She was born on the day in 2012 that the Earth was gonna end.


Abel Koopa RPG 

This is Erin's first and only appearance. She was killed by Abel Koopa.