Prince Cain Koopa
Cain Maroon Koopa
Cain Koopa
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Aliases / Nicknames Cain, Maroon, Cain Koopa, Maroon Koopa
Living Town Dark Land
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Venus wand
Main Element(s) Venus
Current Status(es) Alive

I love you!
Cain Koopa talking to Wendy O. Koopa

Cain Koopa is known to be the evil twin brother of Abel Koopa.


Super Mario Bros. 3

Cain fell in lava for some reason.


  • Cain is one the only 2 koopalings named after someone in the bible, the other being Noah Koopa. Abel was NOT named after someone in the bible.
  • Since Abel and Cain are twins, Cain is shorter than Abel.