User:Alex Ember Koopa 09 is a girl who makes Koopalings. Here are Alex's Koopalings:

Alex's Koopalings

They are split into 3 sections (Biological, Bowser's Children, and Other). The are in order from oldest to youngest:


  • Matthew von Koopa- Possibly the eldest koopaling. He is nicknamed "Murderous Hippie" and his body is rainbow colored.
  • Nolan C. Koopa- A look a like to Iggy. He is 18 and he is the most insane of the koopalings.
  • Niko Koopa Jr.- The most mature of the koopalings. He was named after his father, Niko Koopa Sr.
  • Cain "Maroon" Koopa- He is twins with Abel, being 10 minutes older. Not much is known of Maroon.
  • Abel Koopa- A look a like to Larry. He is 14 and the most aggressive of the koopalings.
  • Austin K. Koopa- A 13 year old who the 2cd most aggressive. HE is very short tempered. Not much is known of Austin.
  • Johnny Koopa- Possibly the most annoying of the koopalings.

Bowser's Children

  • Aidan T. Koopa- Possibly the smartest of the koopalings. He rarely acts immature.
  • Sugar L Koopa- A 14 year old who has a crush on Austin. She is the creepiest of the koopalings.
  • Duncan Koopa- An 11 year old who was born without a left hand. He wears a pirate hook.


  • Aiva O. Koopa- A koopaling from another dimension where no Mario character existed. She ruled her dimension, but was transported when Iggy's experiment went wrong. She is the most attractive koopaling.


Austin K Koopa 2D

Austin Khan Koopa

Aiva Koopa

Aiva's third artwork

Nolan Koopa 2D

Nolan wearing glasses

Matthew von Koopa old design

Matthew von Koopa

Abel Koopa in his Koopa Clown Car

Abel Rapid Koopa

Niko Koopa Jr 3D artwork

Niko Koopa Jr.

Aidan T. Koopa old design

Aidan Tiny Koopa

My koopalings 2

The Main 7

Cain Maroon Koopa

Cain Koopa

Duncan Koopa

Duncan Koopa

Sugar L Koopa

Sugar Koopa

Carl Koopa

Carl Koopa

Austin K. Koopa old design

Austin Koopa's 3D art